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Lays TM (belongs to Frito Lay Company) is available in Ukraine since 2002. Since 2005 Sandora Company has presented Lays potato chips at the Ukrainian market.

Lays chips trademark, that became a world-known brand, was created by American Herman W. Lay, who started his business in 1932 being a small travelling salesman of potato chips in Nashville (USA). At that time 24-old businessman was selling Gardners chips that belonged to Barret Food Products Company situated in Atlanta (Georgia state).

Mister Lay was devoted to Gardner trademark of Barrett Food Products Company till 1944, when he decided to change chips name into Lays Potato Chips. This year is considered to be a year of Lays trademark birth.

For Lays chips production at the factory in Grodzisk, Poland, potato sorts are used, moreover, there are only selected tubers with definite content of starch and sugar.  More than 80 000 tons of potato are processed during a year. The whole technological process is created in such a way that a product is obtained which corresponds to high Lays standards.

Chips are packed in standard packages of 35g and 80g and in big ones of 150g, called "TV-Packs". Last year on the shelves of supermarkets appeared a new format - 200g, for fans of chips!



Lay's Core

Chips of a supreme quality, made of the best potatoes with variety of spices. A lot of bright flavors and everyone will find own favourite one. Its a snack that is suitable for any company. The taste which makes life brighter!

Product range
Lays Cheese Flavored Chips

Lays Cheese Flavored Chips are impossible to resist, everybody will get excited! Gorgeous, tart taste that you want to enjoy again and again! 

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Lay's Bacon Flavored Chips

The magic of bacon flavor is the most meaty, and the talk with it becomes much better. Please your friends and yourself with aromatic and crispy chips! 

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Lay's Crab Flavored Chips

Seafood tastes the best in the open air! Try Lay's Crab Flavored Chips and feel as exotic taste changes your mood to better! 

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Lay's Sour Cream and Greenery Flavored Chips

Delicious and delicate taste is enjoyed while eating the whole package and greenery leaves astonishing flavor. 

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Lay's Mushrooms Flavored Chips

Chips with intensive aroma of wild mushroom its a very good snack in order to get rid of hunger and create pleasant spirits! 

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Lay's Onions Flavored Chips

Appetizing chips which contain all the piquancy of onions flavor. They are well-timed all year round to have a snack with friends and enlarge the stock of good mood! 

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Lays MAX

Wavy chips is a new philosophy of crunch and taste. Thanks to special structure these chips contain more spices and do not melt at once, so the pleasure lasts longer!

Product range
Lays MAX Sour Cream and Onions Flavor

Wavy chips crisp differently. Add to this everlasting pleasure of eating them and the company of best friends and get maximum enjoyment! 

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Lay's MAX Bacon Flavor

It is really difficult to imagine so much pleasure in one package. But, otherwise, it is impossible to create unbelievable chips! Fulfill your energy, tasting MAXimum of bacon! 

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Lay's M Sour Cream and Cheese Flavor

Appetizing combination creates irresistible tase! The best choice for the company after active rest in order to double positive spirits! 

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Lay's Strong

The first kind of chips created to match beer! Taste is unforgettable, you cant stand drinking beer after it. Mens choice as it has the taste of fire!

Product range
Lay's Strong Hellish Wasabi

The package should be open carefully in order not to burn your eyebrows. Flamy taste of Japan, the country of blazing sun, is going to explode in the mouth. Strong impressions for real judges. 

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Lay's Strong Burning Piri-Piri

The African Piri-Piri belongs to tastes that require considering. But as you try it, the special hotness of spices creates the real festival of feeling on your tongue! 

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Lay's Strong Hot Chili

Delicate hotness will be enjoed by those people who like the feeling of light burning. Chili flavor and lime make the taste piquant and unforgettable. 

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